A Deeper Insight into the most hideous crime known :Sexual Assault

Criminal Laws vary in nature and intensity depending upon the severity of crime from country to country. Sexual assault is also considered a major crime that usually involves physical contact, touching or behaviour without person’s explicit consent.

Following activities are attributed as sexual abuse in majority of national as well international laws of prominent countries

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  • Sexual intercourse done without the consent of the accused
  • Child abuse
  • Rape
  • Fondling and forced attempt of sodomy

How to prove Sexual Assault Charges?

A victim who is not in the right mental state to understand the nature of act,or is physically not able to present reluctance towards taking part in any sexual activity is considered incapacitated as per the law and is considered a non-consensual victim.Generally,such cases arise under the effect of alcohol or drug when a person fails to understand what is happening with them.

Who are sexual assault lawyers?

In case you are a victim to sexual assault,you will need assistance of a sexual assault lawyer. Such lawyers are expert professional in their field who provide you the best guidance, information and counselling to the victim so that the chances of winning could be increased. Owing to the serious nature of crime, such assaults have to be treated with extreme care and seriousness especially when a child abuse is involved.

Apart from legal assistance, mental trauma is also involved especially among young children and adults. Hence, proper counselling is needed to make them come out of the effect and to restore their confidence. The best approach lies in seeking police help and filing an FIR as soon as possible after the incident. If good legal assistance is available to the victim, the accused can be charged of severe capital punishment along with life time imprisonment. Hence, always be aware of your rights and laws to help you overcome out of any such serious crime situation.